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Bringing compassion into education for optimum wellbeing and performance

Kate is a Trustee of the Eastern Learning Alliance in the UK, which manages a group of six schools. Previously she was Chair of Governors at Impington Village College, where she has worked with senior leaders since 2015 to build a compassionate culture promoting wellbeing for both staff and students. She is also an Associate Author with Cambridge University Press, presenting webinars and conference talks to teachers from around the world on wellbeing in schools. She is currently co-authoring Cultivating Wellbeing, a guide for educational leaders on how to cultivate teacher wellbeing and compassionate cultures in their schools.



Tailored talks and workshops for your school

For more information on how to bring compassion into your school, or to arrange a face to face or virtual presentation or workshop like the one above, please contact Kate. Talks can be tailored to your needs.

I am deeply concerned about the rise in emotional distress in young people today. Compassion provides a framework for schools and other educational institutions to support the emotional well being of young people, staff and stakeholders in a systemic, holistic way.  Building a compassionate culture starts with compassionate leadership and structures, before introducing compassion to the wider school staff and student body.  A culture of compassion empowers the individual to grow and learn; to be innovative and creative.  Everyone takes responsibility for themselves and for the other members of the school community. The culture supports everyone in the organisation to achieve their potential. 

Blogs and webinars

Blogs written for educators are available here