The Compassionate Mind Foundation was set up by Professor Paul Gilbert, his daughter Hannah and other colleagues.  It is a mine of information on Compassion Focused Therapy.  Find free CMF resources to help you here.  Paul’s video on the effects of self-criticism, something often discussed in my therapy, is very good.

This positive psychology site has an useful overview of CFT and how it is different to other therapeutic approaches, and descriptions of some CFT exercises.

This article reviews the Top 25 Mental Health Apps for 2019, including meditation apps and a breathing app. Here is a great article about the benefits of soothing rhythm breathing. These sites by Chris Germer and Tara Brach have a huge variety of free compassion-based meditations that you can stream or download.

Great article by my colleague Ruth Parchment on Rising in Love,  describing how successful relationships are about growth and collaboration.

Helpful books

The Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert

This is the main work on compassion focused therapy, an approach which Prof Paul Gilbert has been developing throughout his career. Contains a thorough overview of the theory behind compassion focused therapy and the place of compassion in the 21st century; as well as some practical exercises to help you get started.

The Compassionate Mind Workbook by Chris Irons and Elaine Beaumont

A step by step guide to understanding your emotions and your mind. This workbook contains self-reflective exercises to help you develop a compassionate way of living that feels balanced and healthy.

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self Confidence by Mary Welford

Another excellent book on CFT, based on a more practical approach and containing exercises and self-reflections for readers to complete – a great adjunct to your own therapy.

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

An empowering book, in which vulnerability is considered not as a weakness, but as a strength for both ourselves and others.  Brene describes how to develop the courage to be vulnerable and dare greatly, a key ingredient to living a compassionate life. Find her TED talk here.